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Tim from Just In Time Design did a wonderful job on my company web site; he has the knowledge and the skills to do his job the right way the first time around. First thing he did was to sit down and educate me in what has changed since 7 years ago when my site went up. He knows all about Google A...

Scott Lundgren


Just In Time Design Joins the WILL Buy Locally Alliance

On April 21, 2011, Just In Time Design joined the Will Buy Locally Alliance to support locally owned businesses of Will County.  Just In Time Design firmly believes in giving back to the community and supporting local businesses.

While we believe there is a need for national big box stores in many communities, we also strongly believe in supporting local small businesses and locally owned businesses.  With the belief that 'money spent in the community, stays in the community', Just In Time Design has joined the Will Buy Local Alliance to help local small businesses in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.  For more information on the Will Buy Locally Alliance or to find a local small business or contractor visit their website at

will_buy_localWill Buy Local Mission Statement

WILL Buy Locally is a non-profit Independent Business Alliance who’s major role will be to educate the public about the importance of buying from those who live and run independent businesses in Will County IL. It has been proven through studies that when consumers support independently owned businesses, a larger portion of the money spent stays in the community. A large portion of the money spent at chains is sent to corporations in other parts of the country.

The independent, locally owned businesses of the Will County area provide a unique flavor to the community. They are also major supporters of athletic teams, schools and local fundraising groups. Without the independent local businesses of the area, many other organizations could not raise the funds they need to continue.

Through the efforts of advertising and events, the WILL Buy Locally Alliance hopes to educate the public and change the way people make decisions when they are going to purchase goods and services.

Visit today to support your local businesses.