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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

natural search engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site.

Why Search Engine Optimization?
High rankings in the organic search results can provide targeted traffic for a site. Obtaining that traffic by other means can potentially be expensive and in many cases not effective at getting your target audiance to your site. For particularly competitive terms, the cost per click can run several dollars, or more, when pay per click advertising or banner advertising are used. For even moderately competitive terms the cost can range from a few cents to several tens of dollars per visitor. Given those costs, it often makes sense for site owners to optimize their sites for organic search.

Just In Time Design - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
Just In Time Design optimizations websites based on the content of each web page. Using various recommend techniques (recommended by Google, YaHoo!, MSN, AOL, OpenDirectory), Just In Time Design will optimize individual web pages and/or complete web sites. Just In Time Design will will work with you to monitor the keywords visitors are using to access your site via search engines, and optimize your web pages based on these reports. Just In Time Design is an ethical search optimization company. Thus, we can never gaurantee top ten results for specific keywords(see two types of SEO companies below). Below are just a few Just In Time Design Search Engine Optimization clients:

Web Site URL Example Target
Keyword / Phrase
Google Page Overall Result temporary fence rental chicago 1 4 hair salon oak lawn, il 1 3 portable toilet rental 1 2

Notes about this table:

Target Keyword / Phrase: This is the primary keyword or phrase that the client website was optimized for.

Google Page: This is the page number in which the client web site is found in Google.

Overall Result: This is the overall search result number in which a client web site appears in the google organic (natural) search results.

Results as of 2-20-2011