Tape, Film And Video Transfers And Conversions


Video, Film and Tape Transfer ServicesDigitize Only Transfer

Digitized files are basically digital copies of your film/video that will not lose quality or suffer generation loss once digitized. They are the perfect way to back up your current analog formats (film, VHS tapes) and preserve them, which will also prevent the imagery from any further deterioration. Digitized files are also extremely useful for editing purposes for any occasion or event. We offer two general types of digitized transfer files:

  • .wmv files – Compressed, average quality / approximately 1 GB per hour
  • .avi files – Uncompressed, high quality / approximately 15 GB per hour

These are basic file formats for Windows based PCs. If you would like any other type of file, please contact us. Mac users please contact us for Mac compatible file options.

Prices for digitize only transfer are for transfer service only. Sufficient materials needed to store the final transfer can either be purchased from us, or supplied to us by the customer. We do sell reasonably priced external hard drives tailored to your media storage needs, or you may supply us with your own empty external hard drive. For a small amount of footage, the option to store digitized .wmv data files on DVD may be available for an extra charge per disc. Since .avi files are very large and require a substantial amount of storage space, they must be stored on an external hard drive.


Film to Video Transfer:

We are currently only able to transfer 8mm film that has no audio.

.wmv format   .avi format
50 foot reels (3 inch diameter) $6.95 / Reel   50 foot reels (3 inch diameter) $9.99 / Reel
200 foot reels (5 inch diameter) $19.97 / Reel   200 foot reels (5 inch diameter) $29.97 / Reel
400 foot reels (7 inch diameter) $34.97 / Reel   400 foot reels (7 inch diameter) $49.97 / Reel


VHS, 8mm and Hi 8 Video Transfer

Generally, most VHS, 8mm and Hi 8 tapes recorded in normal mode on a camcorder are only 2 hours. In the unlikely event that a tape has considerably more than 2 hours on it, there is an additional $2.00/hr charge. We may also possibly accommodate a transfer for other video formats; please contact us for inquiry.

VHS, 8mm and Hi 8 tape to digitized .wmv file $6.97 / tape
VHS, 8mm and Hi 8 tape to digitized .avi file $9.97 / tape


Video to DVD Conversion

If you simply want your film or video converted to DVD format, ready to place into your DVD player at home and view on your television, then we offer conversions straight to DVD. The prices below include one DVD disc per tape, which comes with a customized label of the DVD content.


VHS, 8mm and Hi 8tape to DVD Conversion:

No menu - Video only, No menu $7.49 / tape
Custom menu and chapter selection $14.97 / tape
Add .wmv digitized files $2.95 / tape
Add .avi digitized files $4.95 / tape

Video Enhancement

Since most video recorded on older media does not have the clarity and quality of today’s standard, we also offer post-transfer enhancement services to improve the quality of your transfer or conversion. Listed below is the basic package for enhancing your video; however, if you have any questions or special requests, please contact us.

  • Color Balancing, exposure adjustment and fade in/out: $10 / video hour