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Client Testimonials

Tim is a great professional. He is patient, down to earth, and very talented! He helped me get my site off the ground, make it presentable and flexible, and finally SUCCESSFUL! I would trust him with any web application, and even after he built it for me, he has been there to improve my site e...

Jude L Kiah


Web Design Prices

Often times, we are asked "How much does a website cost?".  Well, the answer to that question is that it really depends on the requirements you have for your project.  The question really shouldn't be "how much does a website cost?"; rather the question should be what are the costs involved in getting my website up and running? AND how long will it take?

To answer these questions, we have put together the following tables for price and project comparisons. The prices listed here are provided for you as an estimate for how much your website project will cost from start to finish.   While most websites that we design will fall within the prices listed here, prices may vary depending on your requirements for your project.

Sample Website Packages And Prices

Feature Small Medium Large
# of Pages 3-5 6-9 10-20
Setup with Google Analytics Free Free Free
Website Hosting $12.95 mo. $12.95 mo. $12.95 mo.
Domain Name (.com) $12 yr. $12 yr. $12 yr.
Email Accounts
(10 email boxes with unlimited storage)
$30 yr. $30 yr. $30 yr.
Online Contact Form Free Free Free
Custom Website Template Free Free Free
Website Development (one-time fee) $799 $899 $1,250