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Tim from Just In Time Design did a wonderful job on my company web site; he has the knowledge and the skills to do his job the right way the first time around. First thing he did was to sit down and educate me in what has changed since 7 years ago when my site went up. He knows all about Google A...

Scott Lundgren


Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation - Final Summary About Flash

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Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation
Flash Splash Pages And Flash Intro Pages
NEVER, And I Mean EVER, Create An Entire Website Using Flash
So, When Should Flash Be Used?
Final Summary About Flash
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Flash can be used in many instances to create powerful website features that really draw a person into your site and get them to buy a product or to fill out a form to generate a lead for you.  However, there have been serveral instanced noted in this article when you should not use flash.  With the internet going the way it is, Flash is being used more and more for videos, banners and presentation and a great deal less for website design.  If you're using flash correctly, then your site is found in search engines (for keywords that are not in your domain name) and you're generating leads from your website.  If you're website is not generating leads or generating sales, it may be hurting your business more than it's helping it. If this is the case, consider spending the money to have your website redeveloped without using flash incorrectly.