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We just recently had our website updated by Tim Ceko and his associates. We wanted a fresh look with videos and an FTP site for our clients. Our expectations were surpassed when we went online to view our new site. Kudos to Just In Time Design for a job well done. The other great thing was ...

Russ Boyle


Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation - Flash Splash Pages And Flash Intro Pages

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Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation
Flash Splash Pages And Flash Intro Pages
NEVER, And I Mean EVER, Create An Entire Website Using Flash
So, When Should Flash Be Used?
Final Summary About Flash
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In the past is was very common to use splash pages, now more commonly used these days are flash intros.  Fortunately, almost all website professionals have removed this usability and functionality nightmare.  Why are these highly animted, really cool pages a nightmare?  The answer is really simple: They delay the user from getting the information they came to your website for.  After all, why did you build your website? If your answer is 'to look cool', then by all means create a flash splash page or into page.  Heck, create multiple splash or intro pages.  But if your answer is to generate leads, make sales or simply get information out, do yourself a favor and eliminate a splah page from your website.

You may be wondering "what if my flash splash page has navigation?".  The answer to this, again, is simple. More likely than not, your splash page either has animation with some music or sounds before coming to the navigation; or you have buttons that the user needs to hover over in order to see where the buttons will take them.  Even worse, you could have it setup where buttons are not always located in the same place.  Why is all of this bad?  Simply because you have less than 15 seconds to grab your visitors attention.  Within that time, if they have lost interest in a splash page intro or can't find their way around quickly, they will move on to their next site.  Which will, more often than not, be one of your competitors!

Bottom line, if you have a website and you want to generate leads, make sales, or get information out, DO NOT USE a  flash splash page or flash intro page.