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In the specialized area of commodity futures brokerage it's hard to find a website developer with the knowledge of our industry that Tim Ceko has acquired. The process was realy a pleasure from start to finish. Tim took the time to gain insight into what we wanted to project on the site & followe...

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Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation - NEVER, And I Mean EVER, Create An Entire Website Using Flash

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Flash On Websites: Good and Bad Flash Implementation
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NEVER, And I Mean EVER, Create An Entire Website Using Flash
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The most powerful thing about the internet is that it allows people the ability to control their own destiny (at least online).  Users choose where they want to go and when they want to go there.  This is what fundamentally makes the web so useful.  Unfortunately, a majority of 'flash website designers' decrease user control and instead implement presentation or tv-style web pages. These sites are better used on a DVD or TV than on the internet because they force users to sit through sequences of animation or 'flashy' navigation to get to where they want to be.  Remember the 15 seconds that you had your website visitor for?  You've just wasted 10 seconds of that on roll over menus and animated page loads.  Thats 10 seconds could have been used allowing people to find what they want and possibly getting them to contact you.  Instead, they are gone because your website has become boring and time consuming to use.

Search Engines Hate Flash Websites

In recent months, I've read that Google, YaHoo and Bing are working on being able to index flash.  In a couple articles, written by flash designers, I've even seen it noted that Flash can already be indexed by Google.  However, in 13 years of developing websites, I have found 1, only a single website built entirely in flash, that has ever done well in search engines.  I briefly spoke to the owner of the website, and what he told me did not surprise me.  He spent a great deal of money having the website developed and was very happy with the look and feel because his site was "really cool".  Then when he asked his flash designer to help him get the website ranked for several keywords in the search engines and not just for  keywords in his domain name, his designer told him it couldn't be done.  What he did was spend a great deal of money with another company to build a sub site in html that pointed it to his flash pages. The cost of his website ended up being 3 times as much as he had budgeted.  But, his website did look really cool. And that's what matters right?  The sad ending to this story is 2 years later, I checked his website again because I wanted to show it to a client.  He has since paid for an entire new website, with absolutely no flash on it.  Needless to say, I was not surprised.

Flash Websites Take Time To Update.  Time = Money

Unless you have one of the very few Flash Content Management Systems out there, then your website is going to take a great deal of time to update.  The very nature of how flash is built, makes it time consuming to update. Whether you are the one updating it or you are paying someone, somewhere along the line, that time is costing you money.  What's worse, more often than not, the updates you are doing, are not being found in search engines. Those same updates are not only costing you money, but they are also not doing  you or your business very much good.